Niagara Falls Redevelopment

Improving the Visitor Experience in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls State Park attracts more visitors annually than most National Parks sites, but only a portion of visitors to the Falls had involved overnight stays because of a lack of quality lodging facilities, or associated dining or entertainment venues in close proximity to the State Park.  The Buffalo Billion plan looks to public investments in infrastructure, access, and business development to facilitate the re-emergence of a downtown Niagara Falls neighborhood, a setting that was lost as a result of 1970s-era urban renewal efforts.  Complete with attractions and amenities, downtown’s growing inventory of new hotels, restaurants, and meeting facilities are allowing for longer visitor stays and increased spending, as well as welcoming back current and new residents to the City.  Accordingly, New York State has also emphasized improving the visitor experience at Niagara Falls State Park by upgrading attractions that are authentic to the strengths and heritage of the region.

About Niagara Falls Projects and Initiatives

Building upon public and private investment in Niagara Falls since 2011, the restoration of the historic Hotel Niagara, opening access to the upper and lower Niagara River, and the strategic acquisition of key underutilized properties will allow for continued economic growth into the next decade.  Among the projects and initiatives receiving Buffalo Billion funding are: