East Side Infrastructure to Support and Enhance Investments

The streetscape at Clinton Street on Buffalo’s East Side.

About Infrastructure to Support and Enhance Investments

In coordination with the City of Buffalo, funding will be dedicated to infrastructure investments along the corridors that directly align with the projects and programs of the East Side Corridor Economic Development Fund—maximizing the portfolio’s leverage potential and capitalizing on opportunities for federal matching funds. Streetscape and infrastructure improvements were listed as Community Priorities at all stakeholder meetings. The community wants to see traffic calming measures; pedestrian safety improvements such as lighting, sidewalk improvements and crosswalks; the addition of bike lanes and promotion of multi-modal transportation; public transit infrastructure improvements; landscaping; and green infrastructure. The community will continue to be engaged as the most impactful projects are determined and design begins.

Project Status

Coming soon. 

Implementing Infrastructure Improvements on the East Side

Streetscape projects and infrastructure investments can be catalysts for neighborhood revitalization, business development and talent attraction—increasing safety and accessibility, enhancing the attractiveness and livability of a community, and creating connections between people and the assets, services, and businesses in their communities. Implementing infrastructure improvements that enhance and support the programs and projects in the East Side Corridor Economic Development Fund will create strong clusters of public and private investment to spur lasting economic impacts.