East Side Direct Project Assistance

Mandala Market

Governor Kathy Hochul and others break ground on the Mandella Market expansion and improvements project.

About Direct Project Assistance

The $7.4 million fund is facilitating business growth and job creation.  Proposed projects include funding for building out of commercial spaces in mixed-use buildings, restoration and reuse of historic structures, and funding set aside for future projects.

Identified projects include:

  • 1021 Broadway
  • Beverly Gray Business Exchange Center
  • Fillmore-Utica Mixed-Use Project
  • The Nash Lofts
  • Black Achievers Museum
  • Varsity Theatre Renovations
  • Mandella Market Expansion
  • Torn Space Theater Improvements
Providing Direct Capital Funds to Key Community Projects

There is a need for public funds to help spur private investment on Buffalo’s East Side. There is great development potential on Buffalo’s East Side and opportunities for infill and mixed-use redevelopment of existing buildings along all of the corridors. But the East Side faces unique challenges such as environmental contamination, population decline, destruction of urban fabric, absentee building owners, sluggish real estate market, and public safety concerns that makes redevelopment efforts particularly challenging. Despite these challenges, the commercial corridors each have significant assets—architectural, community-based and historic assets; remnants of walkable traditional early-mid 20th century community business districts; education and training resources; and access to public transit—that capital funds could help enhance and leverage.