East Side Anchors and Assets

Central Terminal

One of the East Side’s many assets – Central Terminal.

About East Side Anchors and Assets

$25 million was identified for these East Side assets:

  • Broadway Market ($4 million) - Funding will provide for a master plan and capital investment fund to support more sustainable, year-round operations as a neighborhood food source, as well as provide neighborhood linkages with the Buffalo Central Terminal and other neighborhood assets. Learn more about the project here
  • Central Terminal Restoration ($5.4 million)This investment will support the implementation of the Urban Land Institute’s recommendations for the historic East Side landmark.  It will help breathe new life into the landmark, redevelop the complex to meet the needs of the growing and diverse community, and restore one of the region's rich architectural assets to continue building economic momentum throughout the region.  Learn more here
  • Community Solar Array at Northland ($2 million) - Funds will provide for the building of a solar array at 683 Northland Ave., which will be competitively solicited for development as part of the operation of a community micro-grid, and to develop hands-on workforce training opportunities in solar specialties in conjunction with the Northland Workforce Training Center (also located at 683 Northland Ave.).
  • Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor ($7 million) - Will provide funding for capital improvements to anchor organizations in the corridor including the Colored Musicians Club, Michigan Street Baptist Church, and the Nash House Museum, as well as future funding to be determined through a master management and joint operations plan.  View the May 4, 2021 Community Meeting here
  • MLK Park District ($6.6 million) - Funding will be used for park restoration and upgrades as well as restoration of the Museum’s formal front stairway to be used for community programming.
Transformational Change for the East Side’s Anchors

Investments in anchors on the East Side are driving transformation change. As part of a community-driven process aimed at moving the East Side forward, several strategic investments were identified and now moving forward.