DL&W Station

DL&W Station

Rendering of DL&W Station

About DL&W Station

This project will reuse and reactivate the former Delaware, Lackawanna and Western (DL&W) Trainshed in the Cobblestone/Canalside districts of the city, which now serves as the NFTA-Metro Rail yard and shop facility.  The trainshed will be a new commercial activity center on the Buffalo River waterfront and a new Metro Rail station enhancing public access to some of the region’s most popular attractions in the Canalside and Cobblestone districts, which have transformed from blighted landscapes into premier waterfront destinations over the past decade.  As part of the Cars Sharing Main Street project, the current Special Events Station would be decommissioned. Phases 1 and 2 of this project (public investment) will extend Metro Rail revenue service from the current terminus at Special Events Station into the DL&W Trainshed where a new Metro Rail Station will be built. A third phase of the project (private investment) will make improvements to the core and shell of the DL&W Trainshed and any leasehold improvements necessary for private sector activity in the Trainshed other than the ingress and egress needed for public access to DL&W Station. 

Project Status
  • In October 2017, NFTA’s Board of Commissioners approved a contract with Mott MacDonald NY, Inc. to provide design services for track, trackwork, a new Metro Rail station and direct access to waterfront and the second floor of the former trainshed.  Design is nearly complete.
  • In September 2019, NFTA’s Board of Commissioners approved a contract with Mark Cerrone, Inc. for Phase 1 of the project, which includes construction of rail systems and site work essential to the development of the planned DL&W Station. 
  • In December 2019, the NFTA’s Board of Commissioners authorized a Pre-Development Agreement with Savarino Companies for time-limited exclusive rights to develop first and second floor space at the former DL&W Trainshed. 
  • In July 2020, the NFTA Board of Commissioners authorized an agreement with Mott MacDonald NY, Inc. for final design of Phase 2 of the project. 
  • Also in July 2020, the NFTA executed the Pre-Development Agreement with Savarino Companies, the beginning of Phase 3 of the project. The agreement supports turning the former DL&W Trainshed into a public, multi-use destination that fosters commerce, social gathering, community, and a sense of place, anchors the new DL&W Station, and catalyzes increased Metro Rail ridership and an enhanced rider experience for persons of all ages and abilities.
Redeveloping a Landmark while Providing Extended Metro Rail service

Reactivating the 2nd floor of the former DL&W train shed, which sits mostly vacant amidst a swell of new development and waterfront activity, would build on the momentum in Buffalo while making destinations like Canalside, KeyBank Center and HarborCenter more easily accessible to the broader public.  The reactivated Terminal will continue redevelopment in the Canalside, Cobblestone and Old First Ward districts.  A $20 million Buffalo Billion investment will help redevelop the building and surroundings.