Buffalo Manufacturing Works

Boosting a Community- Buffalo Manufacturing Works Joins Northland Central
About Buffalo Manufacturing Works

Buffalo Manufacturing Works is making Western New York manufacturers more competitive and positioning the region as a leader in manufacturing technology and innovation, which is helping spur new economic opportunities and job creation now and in the future.

The State’s investment in facilities, machinery, equipment and operations enables new product and process development with particular emphasis on the region’s growth sectors in advanced manufacturing including machinery, food processing, chemicals, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The center is operated by EWI, a non-profit engineering services R&D company that provides services and support to help local industry develop more efficient operational processes and facilitate entry into new markets.

Buffalo Manufacturing Works provides Applied R&D services in the areas of flexible automation and controls, advanced materials and testing, additive manufacturing and advanced fabrication. In addition, the center provides services in Process Excellence, Export Assistance and Workforce Development. 

Phase II, which is funded through Buffalo Billion Phase II, involves moving the operation to the Northland Beltline in Fall 2019 to customize a facility that fully integrates its wide range of partnerships, and serves as an anchor for the new commerce park.  

Project Status

Buffalo Manufacturing Works officially opened on April 22, 2015 at 847 Main Street, Buffalo.

The facility was moved to the Northland Corridore in October 2019 to allow for the expansion needed to accommodate Buffalo Manufacturing Work's contnued growth.

State of the Art Manufacturing Center Provides Applied R&D Services

Buffalo Manufacturing Works is a, state-of-the-art center aimed at spurring transformative growth in the high-tech manufacturing sector. The center, made possible through a $45 million State investment, provides applied research and development services that are essential for the future success of the region’s economy. The center allows companies an affordable way to tap into resources to test and develop new technologies, and improve existing products and processes.  Governor Cuomo announced a $35 million Phase II for Buffalo Manufacturing Works in his 2017 State of the State.